Transfer Credit Evaluation

If you are an incoming student who has transfer credit from another 4-year university (including other UC's), out-of-state community college, or from A-Levels, you likely have coursework that needs to be evaluated. While there are transfer agreements in place already with the California community colleges*, which can be reviewed on, this is not the case for any school that is not a California community college. A-Levels need to be evaluated for course equivalence as well. Please note that this evaluation does not apply to General Education (GE) attributes such as Science & Engineering (SE) or Social Science (SS). To have any courses evaluated for GE attributes, please contact the College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences dean's office.

*California community college students who took only a partial series at their community college or completed a series at multiple schools, even if they are in the same district, will need to have that course work evaluated.

Common subjects for evaluation

  • For each biology course you would like evaluated, please email a complete syllabus that also includes a lecture schedule to
  • Email the syllabi for any chemistry classes that you want evaluated to
  • Include a detailed syllabus of the class (showing week-to-week topics covered in lectures and labs).  Course descriptions from the website or catalog are not sufficient.  Also include the following information about each class:

    Name of college or university: 

    Course name and number: 

    Course description: 

    Textbook information:  

    UCD chemistry course that is being proposed as equivalent: 

     Once this is sent in, students can expect a response within 2-4 weeks

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