Advising Appointments

Staff Advisors

Advising is a great way for current and prospective students to learn about different majors, navigating through the major, jobs and internships, and grad school opportunities. We have dedicated staff advisors, faculty master advisors, track advisors, and peer advisors available for both current and prospective students.

Which advisor should I see?

Staff advisors are your first stop for advising and can help you navigate the major and plan your classes, as well as offer general advice about the major. Not sure who to ask or what to ask? Start with your staff advisor.

Lead faculty advisors are a great resource for help with picking a track if you're not sure, they can help with questions about grad school or careers after graduation, and could even help you find the right alternate major if you're not sure your current major is right for you.

Track advisors can help with course selection, study abroad planning, internship, career, and graduate school advice targeted to the subject area of your track.

Peer advisors are current ESM students who can provide an inside perspective on the major and the classes that are part of the major.

The ESM major is jointly coordinated by the Department of Environmental Science & Policy (ESP) and the Department of Land, Air, & Water Resources (LAWR). Advising for the major is split by last name. ESP coordinates advising for students with last names starting with A-L and LAWR coordinates advising for students with last names starting with M-Z.

Advising in ESP (Last names A-L)

Melissa Whaley (she/her) is the staff advisor. Melissa is located in 2134 Wickson Hall and is doing both in person and remote appointments. You can reach her by email at, by phone at 530-752-7183, or you can book an appointment online using the Advising Appointment System. I prefer to be called Melissa or Ms. Whaley.

Kai Uchio (he/him) is the peer advisor for ESM. Kai is a senior in the ESM major, Climate Change & Air Quality track. Kai is located in 2136 Wickson Hall. His fall 2022 office hours are Mondays 8:30a-9:30a, Tuesdays 8:30a-12:30p, Wednesdays 8:30a-9:30a, and Thursdays 8:30a-10:30a and 12p-2p. You can reach him at

Prof. Marissa Baskett (she/her) is the lead faculty advisor and is located in 2004 Wickson Hall. Her office hours for fall 2022 are Wednesdays from 2:10-3pm. If you would like to make an appointment with Prof Baskett, please email Jennifer Carriere with "ESM Advising Appointment Needed" in the subject line. If you cannot make her standard office hours, you can email her at with "ESM Advising Appointment Needed Outside of Standard Hours" in the subject line.

Advising in LAWR (Last names M-Z)

Lacole Brooks is the staff advisor. She is located in 1150 Plant & Environmental Sciences (PES) during normal campus operations and is available by appointment only. You can make an appointment online. You can also reach her by email at or by phone at 530-752-1603.

Jocelyn Rodriguez (she/her) is a senior in the ESM major, Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation track. Jocelyn can be reached at

Prof. Terry Nathan is the lead faculty advisor. He is available by appointment only. You can book an appointment by emailing him at

Track Advisors

Climate Change and Air Quality Prof Erwan Monier

Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation Prof Steve Sadro

Environmental Data Science/Geospatial Information Science Prof Yufang Jin

Natural Resource Management Prof Mike Springbron

Soils and Biogeochemistry Prof Jorge Rodrigues

Watershed Science Prof Greg Pasternack