Internships, Study Abroad, and FAQs


The Environmental Science and Management major requires 3 units of internship. Each unit of internship is equal to 30 hours of work. There are two main criteria we look for in an internship for it to qualify for the major requirement - that the internship be science-based and related to the environment. You can find more information on internships, including resources for finding internships and where our students have interned before on our internship FAQ page.

The steps to registering for internship credits are:

1. Find an internship; check out our FAQ for tips and resources.

2. Find a faculty sponsor.  This might be someone you’ve had as a professor for a class relevant to the internship, or one of the track advisors or lead faculty advisors.  If you are doing undergraduate research for your internship, this is the faculty leader of the lab you’re working in.

3. Fill out the internship form with the faculty sponsor, who will pick the internship evaluation activity.  

4. Send your internship form to Melissa or Lacole for a CRN to enroll.

5. Complete the internship evaluation activity.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be an amazing experience, and you can study environmental science almost anywhere in the world. You can find more information on study abroad, including common programs for ESM students and testimonials from other students, please see our study abroad page.


Find answers to commonly asked questions such as careers, double majors and minors, and completing an honors thesis on our FAQ page.