Course fees & waivers

The ESP and LAWR courses listed below have a Course Material and Service Fee to cover the costs associated with the lab/course. 

Students who are unable to afford the fee may seek a waiver from the department. The waiver form is available online here "Fee Waiver Form". Completed forms for ESP classes should be emailed to CAO Elle Barnes at before the 20th day of instruction. Please include "Course Materials Fee Waiver" in the subject line. Completed forms for LAWR classes should be emailed to CAO Chris Crum at before the 20th day of instruction. Only in extreme cases of financial hardship, as of yet unaddressed through financial aid, can the fee be waived. Documentation is required. You are encouraged to seek financial aid assistance from the Financial Aid Office.

For any lab or field classes taught by departments other than ESP & LAWR that count towards the ESM major, please see those departments’ websites for details on course fees and waiver application process.

Environmental Science & Policy Courses
  • ESP 123 $65
  • ESP 151L $65
Land, Air, & Water Resources Courses
  • ATM 124 $65
  • ESM 108 $46
  • ESM 110 $22
  • ESM 121 $65
  • HYD 134 $20
  • HYD 151 $65
  • SSC 100 $22
  • SSC 107 $63
  • SSC 111 $65
  • SSC 120 $65
Bodega Marine Lab

The Bodega Marine Lab offers many classes, some with course materials fees. Please contact the relevant department for any questions about course materials fees for non-ESP courses. They do offer scholarships to help defray other expenses such as housing.